Pattex CF850

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Styrene-free Polyester Resin Anchoring works in solid and hollow materials and places where expandable dowels cannot be used.

Polyester Technology
Polyester is the classic reactive resin used for the production of 2-component mortars, whereby both unsaturated polyester resins dissolved in styrene and styrene-free unsaturated polyester resins with styrene-related monomers as a reactive solvent are used.

The Pattex CF 850 mortar based on styrene-free polyester is developed for the structural chemical bonding to fixate mechanical elements into a mineral construction.

Pattex CF850
  • Styrene-free
  • Easy, universal and fast handling / working
Catridge Sizes
  • 165 ml
  • 280 ml
  • 300 ml
  • 345 ml
  • 380 ml


Application temperature table
Application temperature Workability time Curing time
+5°C 25 min 120 min
+10°C 15 min 80 min
+20°C 6 min 45 min
+30°C 4 min 25 min
+35°C 2 min 20 min



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Use with standard metallic gun


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