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2-component resin mortar

The 2-component resin mortar consists of an A and B component. Component A consists of resin and component B consists of hardener.

mineral subsurfaces

solid material: concrete,bricks,gas-concrete,sand-lime stone; natural stone: marble, granite; hollow material: hollow-concrete-blocks

pure epoxy technology

There are various options when it comes to selecting epoxy resins and the respective hardening components, which in turn enables an exact determination of the properties of 2-component injection mortars manufactured from the two components to be determined exactly and adapted to suit specific requirements. Hardened 2-component epoxy resin injection mortars are characterised by very good thermal and mechanical properties and an outstanding resistance to chemicals. The amount of shrinking due to hardening is very low, and good compound properties achieve outstanding load values in diamond-drilled drillholes and larger annular gaps.

unsaturated polyester resin

This is the classic reactive resin used for the production of 2-component injection mortar, whereby both unsaturated polyester resins dissolved in styrene (the original resin type) and styrene-free unsaturated polyester resins with styrene related monomers as a reactive solvent are used. The 2-component injection mortars made from these resins are fast and easy to use and are characterised by a limited chemical resistance ( in alkaline and other media ).


These classic vinylester resins and the 2-component injection mortar made from them combine the good thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy resins with the easy and fast processability of unsaturated polyester resins. Vinylester resins of the new generation are styrene-free, whereby dimethacrylates are used as reactive solvents. The Vinylester resins and the reactive resin mortar made from them are charcterised by, among others, a very high chemical resistance, especially in alkaline media.


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